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Helping save your time with document automation

Our aim at PacSol is to provide solutions that help your business integrate and automate many of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks.

  • Make all documents instantly available electronically at the desktop
  • Capture the significant data such that it can be processed automatically in the electronic environment
  • Route documents and data electronically so that anyone who needs to has immediate access
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Imagine an automated system that can file, update, and track any document, and allow you to instantly access it from anywhere in the world. Paper, emails, word documents, photos, videos … in fact, any file you could possibly need could be reached from within your business application and even the manual data entry can be automated too! Ditch any fears you have concerning compliance, file security and data protection, and see just how much time, money and effort you could be saving.


Discover for yourself just how much more productive your business will be and how much time, money and effort you could save – and with no more concerns about compliance or data protection.

We can provide you with the solution, coupled with our outstanding support, that will give you all these benefits and more. Please contact us today.

Document Capture

Scan a document,  ‘capture’ text/numbers/images and store it in a database.

Document Management

Capture and store documents electronically in a central repository.


Keep your customers happy and get the work done efficiently ready for them.

Email Processing

Automate the initial capture and storage of new email messages including related attachments.

Forms Processing

Easily capture information displayed in a table or chart and store it on a database.

Systems Integration

Integration of PacSol applications or a complete solution to an independent business function.

PacSol’s customers

You don’t have to take our word for it, check out our list of customers from Legal & General Insurance to Wilkinson Stores and Triumph Motorcycles and many more; they will all agree that the solution provided by PacSol does exactly what they want.


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