Time for a (DM) Spring clean

Spring is here and as tradition dictates we should all have a good clean! (well I certainly had a shower this morning) ...

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The Benefits of Immersing in Cold Water

I have, for some time now, become a convert of the benefits of immersing in cold water. Whenever I take a shower, ...

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Just three words…

Probably one of the most rapidly adopted ‘new’ technology solutions of the last few years (with the exception of Covid related deployments) ...

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DocuWare – Workflow/BPM Product of the Year

Back in November 2021, DocuWare 7.4 was awarded the Workflow/BPM Product of the Year at the Document Manager Awards for 2021. As ...

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Fairtrade fortnight (not Fortnite!)

Whilst both feature bananas and both could be defined as social, only one fortnight is aimed at changing the ethical balance in ...

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New Year Resolution List

New year, new…?

*possibly the most clichéd article you’ll read all year I don’t make new year’s resolutions. I don’t do ‘veganuary’, ‘dry-january’ or ‘whatever-anuary’. ...

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