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PacSol help shape IBM® Datacap certification

When IBM needed to validate their recent refresh of the ‘IBM® Certified Developer – Datacap V9.1.8’ certification, Ranjit Patel (PacSol’s Development Manager) ...

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Neon Question Mark

Just because you can, should you?

Whilst strolling through the Cotswolds a few days back, taking some precious time away from family life with my wife (first time ...

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Instruments of light

“But it does the same thing!” – taking the similar and making it different

The question is often asked by consumers “Why is X better than Y when they fundamentally do the same thing?” – be ...

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Revisiting the dream of a green Christmas

With COP26 now finished and many still trying to establish if anything was actually agreed that will definitely and unequivocally stop the ...

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Invu introduce Link Share in v6.19

Providing “customers with a simple, secure and GDPR compliant way of sharing documents stored in their Invu Document Management system”, Invu’s latest ...

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Change is inevitable – Embrace, mitigate or defend? (Part Deux)

Last month, we started to look at change in its different forms and briefly touched on how to consider change acceptance or ...

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