Whatever you grow will save a bro!

Movember. Yes, having gone ‘Sober for October’, now in the month formally known as November, ‘Mo-bros’ and ‘Mo-sistas’ will highlight issues around ...

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DocuWare simple company logo

DocuWare release version 7.5

Last month, DocuWare released their latest platform version 7.5 with a greater focus on tool improvements to better support the type of ...

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Change is Coming poster

Change is inevitable – Embrace, mitigate or defend?

After a last hurrah of summer, the season of change is upon us here in the UK and the unsettled weather of ...

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It’s not just the software that stops working! – Windows & IEEE1394 (Firewire)

Most individuals and organizations are now running a Windows 10 based operating system on their workstations and the first release of Windows ...

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Kofax Logo

A Pandemic Is the Right Time to Rethink the Mailroom

This month we are highlighting an article written on the Kofax blog (why reinvent the wheel) back in May 2021 that highlights ...

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WEEE need to do more

Many of us in technology are hoarders – the idea of throwing something away is somewhat strange as you never know when ...

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