PacSol expects to provide systems and services that will help save you money within the administration of your business – we make people more productive by making information easier to access.

Whether it is the immediate and automated distribution of invoices for approval, the simple tracking of all claims related documents or the capture of timesheet information for processing by the timesheet management system we have the solution and the expertise to implement it.

PacSol’s directors have worked in IT analysis, programming, implementation and application deployment for over 30 years and have all been specifically developing applications for the information management marketplace since the 70′s.


It means that we can offer a comprehensive solution that includes innovative software products plus the services and expertise to make sure that our customers are truly optimising their workforce and therefore saving money.

One of PacSol’s core values is the desire to want to ensure the success of our customers, by building long-term strategic partnerships and understanding both your immediate and long-term businesses objectives.

If we save you money by providing good products and a reliable service we’ll get more business from you – it’s as simple as that!

Bespoke Development

PacSol’s team of developers have a wide range of experience not only in various programming languages including RPG, Cobol, VB, Java, HTML and C++ but also in most application business areas ranging from manufacturing to finance and insurance.

They can provide a rapid turn around for most types of development projects and we generally work on a fixed price basis, if we underestimate then we don’t charge you any more.


Projects are generally client/server orientated and can range from the integration of our systems with existing line-of-business applications, for example the simple validation of an index against a customer database, to complete systems that provide a separate, independent business function.

Many of our recent developments have been Web based. We have nearly 20 years experience working with the IBM iSeries (AS/400) – more than most at IBM!

Business Consultancy

PacSol’s consultants have over 20 years experience providing advice and analysis on a wide variety of business solutions.

In particular we can provide the business analysis necessary for the design and implementation of document management and workflow management solutions but also most other business applications.

Technical Consultancy

PacSol’s staff have many years IT experience ranging from technical programmers, with experience in a variety of programming languages, to business analysts and project managers who can advise on the design of solutions and manage the projects to implement them.

Most of our staff is available for external consultancy and we can provide expertise in the following areas:


Programming – Java; RPG; VB; C++; COBOL on a variety of platforms.

Consultancy – many services including hardware installation and configuration, network configuration, training and performance advice.

Project Management – experienced staff using the latest project management tools and methods manage all PacSol projects.

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