What we do

Pacific Solutions (PacSol) is an independent solutions provider and systems integrator that specialises in information management.

The company provides products and services that assist with the management of information within a business – such as document imaging and workflow systems – and we have helped key clients achieve significant savings including Legal & General, Motor Insurers’ Bureau, DAS Insurance, Wilkinson Stores and Cargill.

The basic idea is that any document, regardless of its original format, can be stored on the computer, indexed and retrieved instantaneously with with the minimum amount of effort and at minimum cost.

What is electronic document management?

Thousands of organisations worldwide use electronic document management every day instead of paper filing systems as electronic data is so much more secure and easier to access.

Electronic document management will help to increase the efficiency of your company by:

  • Making it much faster to file and retrieve documents – no more filing cabinets!
  • Improving the control of all documents and data making it easier to keep track of vital information.
  • Improve the access, security and sharing of information thus ensuring protection against unauthorised access and saving unnecessary duplication.
  • Increase organisational productivity by saving time wasted searching for information.
  • Create an audit trail so that you can always track who has looked at documents and what they had done to/with them.
  • Provide a secure backup to prevent the loss of any data either by an individual or in the event of a disaster.

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