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Lock The Filing Cabinet!

Many many years ago we installed a document management system in the accounts department of a local authority. It was in the days when digital

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This book changed my life …

“IBM 5250 Information Display System – Functions Reference Manual“ No, not an (allegedly) revolutionary self help book, just an old computer manual. I’ll keep the

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INVU update to 6.20

Last month INVU updated their series 6 platform to 6.20. Whist INVU’s previous update introduced the new Link Share functionality (Providing “customers with a simple,

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Do you fear your inbox (part 2)

You have unsubscribed from all the meaningless marketing emails (think of the carbon savings), removed yourself from being further CC’d on those emails your colleague(s)

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DocuWare release version 7.6

This April, DocuWare are rolling out their latest update to their award winning ECM platform with the cloud platform already updated and the on-premise deployment

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