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Last month, DocuWare released their latest platform version 7.5 with a greater focus on tool improvements to better support the type of flexible workforce which is now more prevalent since the Covid pandemic. DocuWare’s Eugene Young (Country Director for UK/Ireland) recently wrote an editorial piece on “collaboration tools to support the post-pandemic workforce” for Document Manager magazine which nicely summarises how the DocuWare platform can help organisations of any size. 

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For existing DocuWare platform users, alongside the standard stability enhancements, key feature improvements for this version include:

Integration enhancements

  • File cabinet notifications with Webhooks: When documents are newly stored in a file cabinet or index entries are changed, DocuWare sends a message to a URL. Other applications in the company can react to this, synchronize their dataset or trigger other actions.
  • REST web services in workflow: In addition to SOAP, REST Web Services and Webhooks can also be integrated in workflows.

Other highlights

  • Document processing configurations can be applied to Connect to Outlook – to run directly with attached documents in PDF format
  • Table fields can be filled and edited more easily
  • Newly developed Windows Explorer client – fully compatible with Windows 10 
  • Automatic logout based on inactivity – for more security
  • Update desktop apps even without administrator rights

It is also worth noting that support for Windows Server 2012 has been dropped as of this release version.

For those users hosted on DocuWare’s cloud platform, the upgrade may have already been applied to your organisation, if not, notification of the intended upgrade date should have been sent.

If you would like to know more about the latest version of DocuWare or indeed would like to discuss getting more from your existing platform, contact us today at PacSol.

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Toby Gilbertson Customer Services Manager

Toby Gilbertson, Customer Services Manager. October 2021.

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