We are confident that these case studies provide insights into how our systems are used in different environments and how they have benefited our customers, demonstrating how your business could also improve its efficiency and customer service, as well as reducing costs.


Any educational organisation, from the smallest day nursery to the largest higher education facility, is facing increasing challenges.


Financial organisations are faced with a number of challenges including customer retention and a multitude of regulations.


Insurance companies are faced with fierce competition and price wars, meaning they’re desperate to retain customers and reduce costs.


Logistics organisations don’t differ from any other. Technology plays a huge part in ensuring the machine remains ‘well oiled’.


Manufacturing has become more ‘cut-throat’ as today’s consumer demands spiral. We demand more choices, higher quality and better value for money.


Regulations, data protection, employment agencies act and more files require documentation to be instantly available on request for recruiters.


With retail struggling against the continued recession, retail companies are increasingly endangered by the threat of going into administration or just plain going out of business.

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