Any educational organisation, from the smallest day nursery to the largest higher education facility, is facing increasing challenges.

Reduced funding, increasing competition and ever tighter regulatory and compliance pressures mean that more efficient management of documents and records is essential.

Whether it’s admissions correspondence, grant applications, human resources, accounts payable, student records, or ongoing student work files, Invu document management presents a major opportunity to reduce costs and improve services to your students and stakeholders.


And because of our integration tools, you can be certain of rapid integration with your existing student information systems and other business applications (e.g. accounting, financial management, human resources, etc.).

So you are presented with a simple, easy-to-use solution that captures any information in any format, coming into your various departments.

And because everything is stored in one centralised location, there’s no risk of “lost” files, or duplications on a multitude of hard-drives. Instead, you know exactly who’s been working on a document, as well as when and where.

Although data can be accessed by any authorised user on any PC, it’s totally secure with no risk of tampering or intrusion by unauthorised third parties or hackers.

And of course, Invu EDM also comes with full backup, so everything can be instantaneously duplicated and filed securely offsite.

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