Pacific Solutions (PacSol) not only specialises in DM technology but also has many years’ experience of working with organisations within the recruitment sector, such as Adecco, Manpower and Select Appointments, for whom it has applied this technology successfully.

PacSol’s primary DM solution is Invu because it is the best and most cost-effective DM system of its kind on the market today.

We have worked closely with a number of our recruitment partners to get a good understanding of the day-to-day problems that occur, and we recognise that the needs of the recruitment industry are special.

We understand all the issues that relate to timesheets, CVs, invoices, contracts, and all the regulatory documents that have to be completed whenever a candidate is placed, either in a permanent or temporary position.

Trying to file and then find and match various documents, matching timesheets with invoices and CVs with contracts is just the start!

We can also integrate our system with your regular computer system(s) so that when you want a document all you need to do is click on the candidate number (or invoice number or timesheet number) and it is instantly displayed on the screen.

There’s also the regulations, data protection, employment agencies act etc., all of which require documentation to be instantly available on request.

A service for the recruitment industry that will make a difference

And what about security? How secure is your paper filing system? Is it backed up, like the rest of your important data? If it’s stored electronically, then it will be. If this all sounds too good to be true then just ask for a demonstration and we’ll prove it and what’s more, we guarantee it.

We’ll even give you a free trial. You cannot afford to miss out, so contact us today.

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