Wilkinson stores documents with PacSol

The leading high street retailer has over 260 stores in England and Wales and employs more than 21,000 people.

They offer a huge range of over 25,000 major branded and ‘Wilko’ brand products. They implemented PacSol’s document management solution in 1996, prior to Wilkinson’s move to their custom-built head office in Worksop.

Today the PacSol solution is accessed by over 120 staff to manage information and documentation in several departments across Wilkinson’s organisation, including Finance, HR, and Property.

The system has been tightly integrated with Wilkinson’s internal applications so that documents can be retrieved directly from these applications without the need to separately access the PacSol DM system, speeding up response times and improving the customer’s experience.

The PacSol document management solution has been successfully running within Wilkinson for nearly twenty years through significant growth. During that time it has proved to be a reliable, robust solution.

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