PacSol specialises in helping organisations save money and improve staff productivity by automating some of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in running a business. We can provide a realistic assessment of your processes and then recommend a solution that would most suit your situation, helping you achieve the ROI that you should expect.

We have a wide variety of products that will suit most environments including the IBM i, but we don’t just recommend a product – we provide a total solution that includes software, hardware and all the consultancy necessary to configure the system and train the users.

Document Capture

Scan a document, ‘capture’ text/numbers/images and store it in a database.

Document Management

Capture and store documents electronically in a central repository.


Keep your customers happy and get the work done efficiently ready for them.

Email Processing

Automate the initial capture and storage of new email messages including related attachments.

Forms Processing

Easily capture information displayed in a table or chart and store it on a database.

Systems Integration

Integration of PacSol applications or a complete solution to an independent business function.

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