Kofax Capture automates information capture from scanned paper or imported electronic documents. Based on criteria you define, the entire document or extracted data is digitised, then routed to an archive, database, or the next step in your business workflow.

Powerful recognition engines and image enhancement features ensure accuracy, reducing or eliminating the need for manual entry and oversight.

Organisations need Kofax Capture if they:

  • Seek relief from growing paper storage and retrieval expenses.
  • Want to reduce the cost and error rate associated with manual data entry.
  • Cannot tolerate slow manual access to stored information.
  • Contend with data that arrives in multiple forms and formats.
  • Must capture business critical data at multiple locations.

With Kofax Capture you can:

  • Have the assurance of joining 107,000 worldwide licensees who have selected Kofax Capture as their scanning software.
  • Use it for document imaging, data capture and forms processing requirements.
  • Put it to work right from the box, or extend its capabilities with drop-in modules.
  • Utilise its open architecture to customise it easily for unique requirements.

Key features include:

  • Automatic image correction and enhancement.
  • Automatic form identification and document separation.
  • Uses OCR, ICR and OMR to recognise machine-printed and hand-printed text in hundreds of languages, as well as bar codes, patch codes and check boxes.
  • Compatible with workflow and content management applications.
  • Certified to work with most production scanners.
  • Turnkey reports help managers identify bottlenecks and redeploy resources to achieve optimum processing efficiency.
  • Central administrator controls setup and updates, grants user and group privileges, and monitors individual and station performance.
  • Imports email and attached documents.
  • Key indexing from custom image validation.
  • Enterprise edition provides support for high availability systems in mission critical implementations.

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