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With the experience gained from over 14,000 customer projects, DocuWare has developed the world’s leading technology for Enterprise Content Management. We view Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability as core segments of technology leadership in ECM – and in every one of these areas, we are well ahead of our competition.

Since founding the company, DocuWare has been using innovation to set the mark in the ECM market.

Today, our users make the most of our browser-based technology, cloud solutions, Intelligent Indexing, and ultra-modern applications for mobile devices.

Intelligent Indexing

This is our patent-pending technology for automatic indexing during document capture. It continuously learns from a user’s entries to identify the most relevant index entries, recommending increasingly accurate choices with each new document added. This makes archiving virtually automatic.

Users who have opted to use our Intelligent Indexing Service as a cloud service benefit further thanks to crowd learning, which taps into the previous indexing patterns of others. Today, over a quarter million documents are already being captured using this method.

Browser Technologies

Today, DocuWare already provides its entire functionality in a browser for optimum usability. By being based completely on HTML, DocuWare’s Web Client can run on all platforms and is therefore well-equipped for current and future needs.

No need for complicated software installations on individual workstations. At the same time, DocuWare users benefit from a simple, intuitive user interface that’s familiar from modern Internet applications.


Mobile Support has been offered for several years by DocuWare for the most important features of document management. It comes in the form of Apps for all major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

The most innovative is currently our PaperScan App, which uses a smartphone camera to scan documents. It is both incredibly easy to use and – with the help of patent-pending technology – provides excellent scan results that can be incorporated into ECM just like traditionally scanned documents, without any limitations.


DocuWare is the first and – continues to be the only – established ECM provider to offer true “Software as a Service” on the cloud. Fifteen years ago, the company had already begun moving in this direction, setting the stage for today’s DocuWare software that is consistently multi-tenant, service-oriented and scalable.

Since the early migration to browser-based technology, DocuWare has tremendous experience in the cloud arena, which over 4,000 users are currently profiting from. The collective use of a highly scalable cloud system that is typical of SaaS, offers tremendous cost advantages that DocuWare is able to pass along to its users.

Since the same technology is used for both cloud and in-house systems, there is no need to develop them on separate tracks and every expansion or improvement equally benefits both cloud and in-house systems.

At DocuWare, innovation serves one purpose: to constantly improve the user-friendliness of our products. Our innovations are driven in three development centres based in Germering/Germany, Sofia/Bulgaria, and Wallingford, CT/USA.

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