The increasing dependence on computers to store information, along with the emphasis on the Data Protection Act, means that forms – storing data in a structured format – are becoming an increasingly important means of recording information.

However, there are many limitations on the use of paper-based forms, the continued cost of reproducing the form when its layout has to change, and the labour-intensive process of manually transferring the data from the form to the computer system.

The process becomes so much more efficient when you can transfer data directly into the system using an online form.

The form can be available to everyone at his or her request, the resultant data can be processed immediately, the form can be automatically stored in a secure environment, and the layout of the form can be changed with little effort.

FormView is designed to help you do exactly this. It allows you to dynamically create any data entry forms used in your organisation, and ensure they are automatically called up when there is a requirement to input and record data of a specific type.

All your internal and external forms can be created simply on one system, made immediately available to all, and you can continually update the layout without affecting previous versions.

Dynamically create any data entry forms used in your organisation.


FormView and workflow

FormView can be used with our workflow solution, CASEVIEW so that a form can be routed and tracked and, for example, used as a means of defining scripts that can be used as prompts by a call centre agent.

The flexibility of the forms design process enables you to represent, in display format for data entry, any form requirement of your organisation.

Simple to use

FormView can, in effect, take away the need for specialist programming skills when a data entry function is required.

The design and creation of the input form is merely an administrative function and needs no specialist technical skills.


Adaptable to any organisation

FormView can be easily and cost-effectively customised to suit the needs of your organisation. Information from any business application can be passed directly to, and presented in a form.

Similarly, data entered into a form can be passed back to the application to update key fields – with any new data being validated against the application database.

Multiple output forms
By storing this information in a ‘formatted’ way, FormView can be adapted to produce output in a number of different output formats – from a printed form to fax, database records and emails.

For example, FormView can extract relevant fields to produce an automatic and customised reply in the form of a standard letter.


Reduce printing and storage costs

Eliminate data entry

Reduce paper costs and wastage due to outdated forms

Increase staff productivity

Simultaneous multiple output formats (print, database etc.), from form data

Secure optical storage for permanent backup

Access to forms from multiple remote locations

Customise your existing application data entry

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