The process involved is variously called Workflow, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Work Management, Case Management, Call Centre Management, Help Desk, Service Centre Management; the list goes on.

Whatever it’s called, CaseView is the tool to use. Managing the flow of work around the office or factory, resolving and returning the help desk call, processing the insurance claim, approving invoices, processing flight upgrades, are all full time occupations in their own right.

Making sure they get handled on time, irrespective of sickness, holidays, or being buried at the bottom of in-trays is as important as the work itself.


Winning new customers is estimated to be ten times more difficult than retaining existing ones. Existing customers, treated correctly, will bring you repeat orders over and over.

Your customers are a valuable asset; therefore, looking after them is one of the most cost effective ways of ensuring you stay in business and stay profitable. CaseView is designed to help you do this.


A centralised point to record any ongoing customer activities, but also a complete and customisable set of escalation and reporting procedures.

CaseView is a CRM/workflow management system that runs on the IBM iSeries (GUI presentation) and is designed to provide not only a centralised point to record any ongoing customer activities, but also a complete and customisable set of escalation and reporting procedures.

Add to this the fact that it utilises the strengths and benefits of the IBM iSeries (both the robustness of the hardware platform as well as the power of the iSeries database) and you have a workflow management system that incorporates the ‘industrial strength’ you have come to expect from this environment.



The flexible screen design of CaseView means that it can be used for CRM and workflow across a wide variety of vertical of industry sectors – from a sales activity to an insurance claim tracking process, or engineering plant maintenance.

Most tasks have a number of key pieces of information that have to be: recorded, routed, prioritised, activity added, allocated or escalated.

Tailored and scaleable to your organisation’s needs

CaseView’s administrative functions allow you to tailor the system, not only to your organisation, but to the way different departments, teams, user groups and individuals need to use it.

Any number of CaseView systems can run at the same time if necessary – each one tailored to a specific function performed within your organisation.

Facilities for efficient workflow management

All cases can be automatically recorded, prioritised, and allocated to individual employees simply and efficiently. CaseView has facilities, which sequentially add information to a case as it progresses; prioritise tasks; alert the individual(s) involved and/or their supervisors whenever specific time limits are exceeded.

Compatible with historic applications

CaseView is designed to complement your organisations existing applications – they can be simply integrated – allowing any of your database information such as customer numbers or account codes to be used as the key to the case reference for each customer.

Additionally, any activity taking place in your existing applications can act as a ‘trigger’ for information to be updated in CaseView.


Increase customer retention

Improve staff efficiency

Centralised management of all customer information

Control the balance of staff activity

Provide a workflow interface to existing applications

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