Are Pacsol still operating as normal during the COVID-19 restrictions?

PacSol are operating (almost) as normal and access to support services is unaffected by the current restrictions. Consultancy services that require customer system access are currently conducted via remote shared connections only.  Any future proposed visit to site would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis and with reference to current government guidelines.

What products do you provide and support?

PacSol provide document capture, document management and business automation products suitable for IBM iSeries (OS400) and Windows Server platforms. Our vendor partners include IBM, DocuWare, Kofax and Invu. For more information go to our solutions pages.

Can we log a support ticket directly via the web?

Yes! Just go to https://pacsol.mojohelpdesk.com/

We tried to submit a support ticket via the web help desk but we don’t think it worked. What do we do?

Don’t panic! Please contact PacSol support who will verify if a submission was received or not. If no ticket was created, the support team will assist to ensure an appropriate record is created within the help desk and start to review the reported issue.

Do you keep customers regularly updated on product updates or changes?

Absolutely. At PacSol we believe communication is key to a positive working relationship. As part of that ethos, we produce a monthly newsletter to promote general enhancements to products or services and generally advise on all things related to document management. If you are not signed up to the monthly mailing, please use the link below to register. You can also find product updates and more via our blog pages.

Do we need to backup our platform regularly?

Simply put – Yes. There is some basic guidance on how to perform a backup further down on this page but for any specific questions, please contact PacSol support.

A serious data issue appears to have occurred in our application, do we need to restore from backup?

Before proceeding with any data recovery, contact PacSol support who will help review and establish if a full recovery is indeed required or if there is a less disruptive path to restoration.

Are there upgrades available for our platform?

Most of the applications PacSol supply and support receive regular patches or version upgrades to maintain compatibility with modern operating system changes. The current versions of support software can be found at the end of our monthly newsletter (not subscribed? Click here) or by simply contacting PacSol support who can advise.

Do we need to upgrade any of our existing applications if we are migrating to Windows 10?

Possibly. Many of the products we supply and install require a specific version to be used for Windows 10 compatibility. If you are unsure of your currently installed version, please contact PacSol support who will arrange a remote desktop share to help you review and then prepare a requirements assessment prior to the migration.

Do PacSol provide maintenance support for the server / workstations on which the applications provided are installed?

Unfortunately not. Whilst PacSol fully support and help maintain the applications supplied, the underlying server or workstation operating system and related software are your responsibility. PacSol will however always advise on best practice for server and workstation configurations that will provide the best performance and stability for the installed applications.

The quality of our scanned images has deteriorated, do we need a new scanner?

Probably not, possibly the hardware just needs a good clean (blog post on the subject here)! Failing that, PacSol’s hardware maintenance contract covers the cost of a specialist engineer attending your site to diagnose the issue. No hardware maintenance contract (why not?) – we can quote and arrange for an engineer visit. The engineer will review the issues with the device, advise on the course of action to resolve and any parts that require replacement. Obviously, if you would like a bigger / faster / more compact shiny new scanner, we can help supply one of those too.

Are PacSol on social media?

Yes indeed. Our official accounts are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Business.

Jam or cream first?

We will defer to her majesty the Queen on this one – jam then cream (Cornish) always.

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Version Finder Guides

What version of OS/400 is my IBM i running and which versions of Java do I have installed? There is an easy way to find the answers to these questions – the Work with Licensed Programs command:

  1. Type the command: go licpgm
    iSeries command line for licensed program

  2. At the menu, choose option 11
    iSeries licensed program menu

  3. Then press F11 and you will see your version of OS/400, in this example, V7R3M0.
    iSeries operating system version screen

  4. To show any versions of Java you have installed press F11 again then page down a few times to find them
    iSeries Java installation listing

Essential Backup Guides

These are the minimum backup requirements that will restore an application’s data but not necessarily all configuration / workflow options.

***It is the responsibility of the individual client to ensure platform data is reliably backed up and that any recovery strategy is regularly tested.***

DocuWare icon


Important: The date time stamp of the SQL and physical storage repositories restored should be the same otherwise issues will occur following restore. There are DocuWare tools that can help reconcile this data but it is best practice to avoid having to use these through planning.

  • Full database backup(s)
    • dwdata
    • dwlogging
    • dwnotification
    • dwselectlists
    • dwsystem
    • dwthumbnail
    • dwworkflowengine
  • All storage directory locations backup: Consult the Storage Locations information in DocuWare Administration
    • Documents (C:\Storage Locations\Documents)
    • File Connections (C:\Storage Locations\File Connections)
    • Logging (C:\Storage Locations\Logging)
  • Record of user accounts for installation
    • Installation (system administrator) account / SQL DBA
    • Service account
  • Backup of all DW*.exe.settings files across the DocuWare folders (C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare)
Invu Company Logo


Important: The date time stamp of the SQL and physical storage repositories restored must be the same otherwise issues will occur with either image retrievals (missing documents) or the platform being unable to store due to uncatalogued items in the storage location.

  • Full database backup(s)
    • Series6
    • Series6Workflow
  • Full secure storage directory backup: Consult the database table dbo.infostore for the saved storage path(s)
    • C:\S6 (default)
  • Record of user accounts for installation: Consult the database table dbo.entity in the Series6 database. Row ID 999 should contain the service account user and row ID 1000 the system administrator account used during installation
    • Installation (system administrator) account
    • Service account
  • Ensure the INVU Care code (issued annually during maintenance renewal) has been updated on the production INVU platform
Kofax Logo

Kofax Capture

Important: This backup solution will not restore any ‘work in progress’, only the configuration and ability to start submitting new documents.

  • Export of all batch class configurations (from Kofax Administrator as *.cab file)
  • For ImageView installations only – a backup of dynamic.mdb and connect.ini (usually C:\ProgramData\ImageView for Kofax)

Best practice when using KTM is to include the extended installation data:

  • For MSSQL based installs – MSSQL database
  • For local installs – ACSystem.mdf and ACSystem.log from \Users\All Users\Kofax\Capture\Server\DB\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data
  • Contents of the folder “CaptureSV” (default C:\ProgramData\Kofax\)
PacSol Logo

FastScan II

  • Backup the contents of the directory C:\ProgramData\GTOS


Important: The date time stamp of the SQL and physical storage repositories restored must be the same otherwise issues will occur with either image retrievals (missing documents) or the platform being unable to store due to uncatalogued items in the storage location. The FortisDT is key to any Fortis installation.

  • Full database backup(s)
    • ..\FortisDT\DBS
    • Full MSSQL backup
  • All storage directory locations backup
    • ..\FortisDT\<<cabinet name>>
    • ..\FortisDT\INBASKET
  • Record of user accounts for installation
    • Installation (system administrator) account / SQL DBA
    • Service account
  • Backup of key configuration files from the ..\FortisDT\SYSDATA folder
    • ini
    • dat
    • dat

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