Business Process Automation

Invoices automatically matched, purchase orders quickly approved by managers (even when they are out) and new employee documentation captured with the information integrated into the HR platform – all functions driven by process.

A well designed and implemented process automation solution (workflow) driving your business will reduce costs, time and drive up you customer satisfaction


Business Process Automation paired with a document management platform can play a big part in what keeps a business going. Through automation, you create a more efficient throughput of tasks, even with a dispersed workforce, freeing your organisation's employees from repetitive, time intensive tasks.

See below for more information on the workflow platforms supported by PacSol.



Designed to run on IBM i

Workflow, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Work Management, Case Management, Call Centre Management, Help Desk, Service Centre Management; the list goes on – built to run on the IBM i.

Designed to provide not only a centralised point to record ongoing customer activities, but also a complete and customisable set of escalation and reporting procedures.

PacSol CaseView Workflow


DocuWare has developed the world’s leading technology for Enterprise Content Management.

DocuWare provides “document management and workflow software to businesses across the globe. Automating manual tasks, reducing dependence on paper files and delivering secure access to information and files anytime from anywhere are just a few of the benefits of DocuWare.”