Document Capture

Document capture is the process of ingesting a document from physical or electronic media and then capturing content (e.g. type of document, reference number, date, company name) from the file, which is stored in a database for you to retrieve or edit in the future.

Capturing content (and not just from paper docs)

Converting paper-based documents saves paper and increases process efficiency for the lifecycle of that document. Capture will accurately copy the document and remove artifacts, making it clear and concise. Accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and automatic data extraction saves you the trouble of human error and the time consuming task of manual data entry.

Below you can find a selection of software that can provide your business with quick and efficient methods for document data capture.

Document Capture


Enhance and automate data input

Capture: Automate information capture from scanned paper or imported electronic documents. Validate and export your crucial business information to any document/content management platform.

Transformation Modules: Advanced automatic document classification with learned template generation, page separation and rule-based data extraction.

VRS (Virtual ReScan): Can be combined with Kofax Capture applications or installed alongside other third-party capture tools (such as PacSol FastScan II) to enhance quality of scanned images and improve efficiency of document capture processes.

IBM Datacap

Complex multi-lingual data capture

IBM Datacap scans, classifies, recognizes, validates, verifies, and exports data and document images quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

By combining common recognition engines for OCR, ICR, OMR and barcodes with libraries of hundreds of script-based and code-based (.NET) actions, Datacap accurately captures data from any type of structured, highly variable, or unstructured documents.

By using the Datacap rules engine, data capture can be tailored to fit the most demanding business requirements and can be changed quickly when your business needs to adapt.

Datacap streamlines the input of index data by accurately identifying the document and using recognition to automatically capture the required values on each document for export to a content management platform.

IBM DataCap
PacSol FastScan II Document Scanning

FastScan II

Data capture essentials from PacSol

Because sometimes you just need a straightforward capture application that produces high quality, error free document images without fuss.

PacSol’s own simplified capture application FastScan II has been designed to support a simple, no-fuss document capture process whilst retaining powerful image processing abilities via Kofax VRS integration for crisp, clear images.

The application is compatible with standard scanner manufacturer drivers and the output can be customised for ingestion / storage on a whole range of platforms.