Email Processing

Companies run on email these days and a significant amount of time is spent managing the data within those messages. Customer orders are matched to the original quotations, signed contracts are stored to a CRM database, and customer service forms are directed to the relevant team – all tasks that could be automated.

Email Processing

Email processing creates a way to capture information received in an electronic mailbox, whether in the subject, body content or attachments to be stored in a document management system (or another comparable platform) to drive business process.

Through input automation, accurate information capture is made simple allowing business process driven by documents to be more efficient. As well as saving the hours potentially spent manually capturing the content, accurate data capture at source reduces errors further down the process chain, preventing wasted resource and safeguarding your company reputation. 


PacSol IEP

PacSol’s IEP (Inbound Email Processor) is a highly configurable, platform independent application developed to run on IBM i, Linux and Windows server platforms.

Compatible with a wide range of email sources, the IEP application can be tailored to the requirements of any business. IEP can monitor multiple mailboxes and apply custom import processing rules to each source. IEP also has highly configurable options around attachment content handling and exclusion rules based on type and size to handle content such as signature images.

The IEP’s output stage can be tailored for a wide range of scenarios, for example storing new content directly to PacSol’s ImageView platform, ingestion into third party document management platforms (such as DocuWare), or simply submitting the processed items to a shared drive.

PacSol IEP

DocuWare Connect to Mail

Automated storing of emails* with index enhancement from email headers bringing business critical data onto the ECM platform to drive business process efficiently and accurately.

Supported email systems: Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, IMAP based systems.


Kofax Import Connector

Kofax Import Connector* can import messages and files from many sources: email messages including attachments using various email protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), fax messages (via internal fax over IP server or external fax servers, Kofax Communication Server, RightFax, Biscom), files from a network path, files via web services.

*requires Kofax Capture