Forms Processing

Forms processing is a powerful way to capture information displayed in a table or chart and store it on a database or in another electronic format. This allows for efficient and accurate information capture, boosting workflow efficiency and saving you hours of manual data entry.

Forms Processing

Our increasing dependence on computers to store information, along with the emphasis on data protection, means that forms – which store data in a structured format – are an increasingly important means of recording information.

Paper-based forms have their limitations as an inefficient, difficult to process and insecure method of data collection. The continual cost of reproducing a form when its layout has to change and the labour-intensive process of manually transferring the data from the form to a data repository adds to the overall cost of paper forms.

The process becomes so much more efficient, accurate and secure when you can transfer data directly into the system using a digital form.

The benefits of digital forms

  • Reduce printing and storage costs
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Reduce paper costs and wastage due to outdated forms
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Simultaneous multiple output formats (print, database etc.), from form data
  • Access to forms from multiple remote locations
  • Customise your existing application data entry
Benefits of Forms Process Automation


Designed to run on IBM i

FormView allows you to create any data entry forms used in your organisation, and ensure they are automatically called up when there is a requirement to input and record data of a specific type.

Forms can include dynamic content, revealing or hiding sections based on the previous entered information, ensuring all required data is accurately captured.

Once completed, your form and the entered data are captured as a document on your content management platform.

PacSol FormView digital forms



DocuWare Forms* enables you to create flexible, useful web-based forms with no programming required. Use text fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, calendar inputs, file uploads and more for precise and secure information capture. Decide which fields are required.
When you’re ready, grab the URL and share it with the world. All forms are secure and automatically optimized for mobile.
DocuWare Forms provides design control over positioning, labels and more – all configured through a highly intuitive drag’n’drop interface. No programming and no IT support is required.
*Requires DocuWare Content Platform