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When you have a problem with software or indeed any technology, you want easy access to someone who can give you an immediate and easily understandable response. In other words you want a fast, efficient and personal support service which is exactly what PacSol has a well-known reputation for providing.

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Essential Backup Guides

These are the minimum backup requirements that will restore an application’s data but not necessarily all configuration / workflow options. Please contact PacSol support for a more comprehensive consultation on backup and recovery for your organisation's platform.

If you don't see your application linked below, contact PacSol support for specific information.

***It is the responsibility of clients to ensure platform data is reliably backed up and that any recovery strategy is regularly tested by their organisation.***

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What products do you provide and support?

PacSol provide document capture, document management and business automation products suitable for IBM iSeries (OS400) and Windows Server platforms. Our vendor partners include IBMDocuWareKofax and Agilico. For more information go to our solutions pages.

Is a document management system suitable for any organisation?

Simply put - yes. We at PacSol would go further and say it is an essential business tool, as you would consider email or a website these days. We have a guide that helps explain why - download here.

We tried to submit a support ticket via the web help desk but we don’t think it worked. What do we do?
Don’t panic! Please contact PacSol support who will verify if a submission was received or not. If no ticket was created, the support team will assist to ensure an appropriate record is created within the help desk and start to review the reported issue.
Do you provide a document scanning service?

PacSol do not have an in-house scanning bureau as our focus is enabling organisations to process their own documents accurately and efficiently. Should you have a large volume scanning requirement (perhaps the digital conversion of a large paper archive) PacSol can provide details of a reputable company who do provide these services.

Can we log a support ticket directly via the web?
Your site mentions digital transformation but what does that mean?

According to Gartner:

Digital transformation can refer to anything from IT modernization (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimization, to the invention of new digital business models. The term is widely used in public-sector organizations to refer to modest initiatives such as putting services online or legacy modernization. Thus, the term is more like “digitization” than “digital business transformation.”

Basic Scanner Maintenance

Help to maintain your document scanner's optimum performance with these brief video guides from Kodak Alaris. By performing regular checks on your hardware, you can ensure the device produces consistent image quality and runs error free.

Imaging guides

Roller maintenance