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Your current Invu platform is no doubt providing your company with the service/functionality you expect so why should you update? The software itself is free of charge to any current customer covered by an active InvuCare agreement.

For most installations, upgrading the Invu version is not about adding some fantastic new feature but primarily focused on maintaining support and stability – preventing the ‘what if’ scenarios. For example: 

  • What if Microsoft releases a patch to the server operating system that blocks the older Invu service from working? 
  • What if the latest security software update identifies an older component of Invu as a risk and quarantines it?
  • What if errors occur on all workstation clients because the older Invu client is not fully supported by the latest browser updates?

Invu only fully supports the last two versions of their software, this means as of today, any installation on v6.15 or earlier is more at risk of the ‘what if’ scenario. Should an issue occur within an installation earlier than v6.16, Invu will insist on an upgrade being performed to at least v6.16 as the first course of action in addressing any fundamental issues.

Of course, if your current Invu server installation is still hosted on an operating system older than Windows server 2012, then the latest update is unfortunately not directly available. It would be strongly advisable to consider a migration to a newer server host with a supported operating system (such as Windows Server 2016 / 2019) – Windows Server 2008R2 came to the end of its support lifecycle on January 14, 2020 and should no longer be used in production server environments.

To review your suitability to upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us via support and we will advise on the best option for your business.

Alongside the many compatibility and stability changes to the core Invu product, the main feature updates included with Invu v6.18 are:

  • Azure SQL Support – This feature gives customers the option to utilise the managed SQL database as a service product (DBaaS) from Microsoft making it easier for Invu users to move their software into the Azure Cloud. This is a key capability in a ”Lift and Shift” strategy. 
  • Independent Attachment Indexing in Email Assistant – Users can file attachments within an email separately to the parent email. 
  • Direct Document Attachment in Email Assistant – Enables documents stored in Invu to be included in email conversations without breaking the email chain.

Toby Gilbertson, Customer Services Manager. April 2021

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