Kofax release Fix Pack 5 for KTM 6.4

Kofax have recently released “fix pack 5” for their Kofax Transformation Modules™ with thin client server version 6.4. 

Kofax Transformation™ adds automatic document classification, page separation, data extraction and validation capabilities to Kofax Capture™. It eliminates the time and human effort required to understand the large volumes of documents and their related information.

The patch itself contains a fairly significant update to the web client login pages, now not only animating the login process (rather than a blank screen) but also giving the configuration option to enable / disable single sign-on options which can significantly affect the site’s response times.

KTM version 6.3 sp1 also received “fix pack 14” this month which includes several stability fixes for the previous release version.

The latest fix pack installations also include previous platform updates from earlier distributions. If your KTM platform has not been updated for some time, then there will be a greater number of items addressed by applying the latest fix pack.

Versions of KTM labelled as 6.2 (or even older) are now considered end of life and out of support. These platform versions should be upgraded at the earliest opportunity.

As a reminder, last year we informed all of our Kofax Capture™ customers that any version of Capture prior to 11 is now considered out of support and should be upgraded as soon as possible to avoid an elevation in maintenance payments (applied by Kofax) due to the legacy nature of the existing installation.

If you have any questions regarding the application of the KTM fix pack, Kofax Capture / VRS upgrades or any queries related to your current document management platform, please contact our support team for further advice.

Toby Gilbertson Customer Services Manager

Toby Gilbertson, Customer Services Manager. July 2021.

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