Do you consider a supplier’s environmental credentials? Should you?

Earth Day 2021, which is managed by, was marked on the 22nd of April this year having first been observed in 1970. aims to mobilise individuals into understanding their “power and influence as a consumer, a voter, and a member of a community that can unite for change.

We have all seen the scientific reports, documentaries and news articles regarding the human race and our detrimental impact on our planet, whether through plastic pollution, destructive fishing, deforestation or air pollution. At PacSol, we are committed to being a part of the solution in resolving the environmental crisis that we face and this author certainly hopes the blogs cataloging our various personal journeys shows that.

As a company, we might not have applied for B Corp status or achieved ISO 14001 (yet) but it does not mean that we don’t look at our business actions and service offerings without consideration of the bigger picture. The very products and services we provide in document capture, management, integration and automation help provide business with ways to reduce waste, physical resource usage (inks / paper / storage), improve business efficiency and support working from any location (including home). In other words, helping your business to work more efficiently without compromise and quite possibly in a more environmentally sound way.

All the scanner hardware we recommend can be fully serviced and should have replacement parts / consumables available for many years of reliable service, unlike a smaller (less expensive) consumer unit. Whilst these consumer scanners might seem adequate for the task it is likely to fail and be scrapped rather than repaired after perhaps only a few years.- The new ‘right to repair’ law might change this in the future, however, professional grade document scanners will always outperform consumer targeted units both in efficiency (speed) and overall quality.

The business process solutions PacSol support and recommend for use in the automation of document related tasks are designed to improve efficiency, removing the unnecessary ‘wastage’ generated in a traditional office based flow. Again, as written in previous articles, any company serious about reducing its business process impact should not just ‘fix’ the one department / process pain point. Once the initial investment is made, the platforms we supply can improve any of the business’s department processes, even if these processes are already partly automated – always review, assess and improve to be the best you can be.

A salesman turning up in an electric car is not a sign of environmental commitment, it is likely a gimmick or at best a weak nod to the ‘woke’. We are committed to doing more for your business whilst ensuring our environment and our planet are safeguarded for the future. Is that worth something?

Toby Gilbertson, Customer Services Manager. April 2021

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