What next? Moving forward with your existing ECM

So you have invested in a content management platform, perhaps just for a single department that had a specific requirement. Those users are now happy, the initial problem is solved and their needs are met, however, as a company there was probably a significant investment involved. Of course the new process will eventually bring a ROI (otherwise why would you have implemented a new platform?) but the ROI on that platform could well be accelerated by looking at other departments’ processes and how they might benefit from the ECM platform’s extended functionality.

Where do you start?

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

Arthur Ashe
  • Ask yourself what processes in the office frustrate you? How often do you catch yourself saying “there must be an easier way”? It could be something as simple as holiday approval submissions or perhaps monthly expenses. The real key is, where there is a repetitive process, there is potential to automate / streamline. Remember, you don’t need to be a career business analyst to identify what in your working life should be easier.
  • Talk to your ECM solutions partner. One of the first discussions regarding the ‘what next’ should be with the consultant team at your ECM provider – the representative on site helping design and deploy the ECM will no doubt have picked up on other key business areas within the company and may already have suggestions. Talk through any of your initial ideas for what / who might benefit from using the platform – we are here to help and support your business to succeed by ensuring your company is working efficiently (therefore hopefully profitably).
  • Talk to those departments that directly communicate / partner with the department who have just taken on the new ECM platform. Arrange a conversation with the head of department if you are unfamiliar with their processes and discuss where they already integrate with the new system.
  • Talk to the heads of department about processes in the business that frustrate them – too slow, too complex, too incomprehensible… be inclusive in your quest for ideas.

PacSol has always committed itself to providing a dependable service to our customers and we strive to maximise the beneficial impact of any content management or capture platform that we implement within a business. We have 25 years (as PacSol) of ECM system implementation, configuration and integration experience giving us an understanding of which departments / processes most often benefit from an ECM solution. (Hint: nearly all departments)

Please do get in touch and we would be happy to review the current usage of your ECM platform as well as help you to identify how your business could further benefit from that same platform.

Toby Gilbertson, Customer Services Manager. August 2020

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