25 Years of PacSol

25 years ago…

When it was all Wonderwall and OJ Simpson, beer was £1.50p per pint and our children were…well…children.

Sony’s Playstation launched in the UK on 29th September (Playstation consoles have sold 450,000,000+ units worldwide in the 25 years since!), the 3D GPU graphics card for PC arrived (S3 ViRGE / ATI rage 3D anyone?) and Pierce Brosnan had his first outing as Bond whilst Val Kilmer tried on the bat suit. The less said about the best selling album of 1995 in the UK the better…

Mike, Mark, Graham, Eddie, Keith and Blaine all got together and Pacific Solutions International Ltd (known as PacSol – it is a bit of a mouthful otherwise) was formed at the beginning of the document management revolution.

Since then PacSol has had four offices, acquired the company GTOS and ‘retired’ four directors (just Mike and Mark now!) as we’ve watched IT systems continue to grow and change beyond recognition! We’ve stayed loyal to IBM (AS/400 / iSeries / System i) and OS/400 but gone way beyond into the wondrous worlds of DOS, Linux, AIX, Windows and macOS, as well as dabbled with the myriad of programming languages from RPG (ok only Graham remembers this!),  Microsoft VB, Microsoft .Net, C, Java, PHP, Python, XML… Meanwhile we all watched the Internet take over the world.

Many of our customers have continued on the journey with us since the start, a few have thought the grass was greener (it never is!!)… and in all this time we’ve continued to go from strength to strength.

So, what is the PacSol secret? Well actually it’s quite simple (apart from a few of us all being a bit smart that is!), our key principle is our personal customer service. We listen, we understand, we empathise and we provide the help and support that ensures no matter what the problem, our customers are making the very best use of what ever service we have provided them with.

Our 25 years is testament to this!

Mike Coulthard, Managing Director. September 2020

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