Automating AP Processing: Not as complicated as you think.

Starting to automate your AP (Accounts Payable) process can take a matter of days, not months, bringing benefits to your business immediately reducing both processing time and costs. 

With integration into an existing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform, the flow of documents throughout your company becomes seamless and process bottlenecks disappear.  Rather than stagnating in a filing cabinet (or worse an intray on a desk), new documentation is instantly available, searchable, correlated to existing relationships whilst being ultimately secured both against physical loss and data theft.

Even without an existing ECM platform, putting in a basic but instantly beneficial AP solution takes only a matter of days and costs far less to implement than you probably think.

Where an automated AP process (or indeed any data capture process with business process automation) really starts to benefit a business is when that application integrates with other critical business systems to create a holistic process that requires as little ‘hands on’ from employees as possible.

PacSol provides and supports a variety of AP solutions suitable for any business size utilising IBM i and/or Windows server environments. You can benefit from our experience, now going over 25 years, as we can help you analyse the current business environment, review the requirements, identify additional areas that would immediately benefit, consider integration points with existing systems and then we can together come up with a solution that is appropriate – not the most expensive, newest, feature laden or even the cheapest – the right solution for your business.

Our ultimate aim at PacSol is to help your business thrive by providing a tailored solution to achieving document autonomy across all your business processes, not just AP. Why not talk to us today about making improvements to your current ECM platform or implementing a new platform  – let us help you find the complete solution for your business.

PacSol are providers of IBM i (as/400 / iSeries) based ECM solutions, DocuWare ECM, Invu ECM, IBM DataCap capture & Kofax capture products.

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Toby Gilbertson, Customer Services Manager. March 2021

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